Friday, July 27, 2018

Alabama Chanin Embellished Top

For my third AC fitted top, I decided to delve into the wonderful world of embellishment with beads, sequins and decorative stitching.

June’s  Spring stencil

This can be enlarged from the book Alabama Studio Sewing + Design or downloaded as a PDF file at the AC online store.

I transferred the stencil to a Mylar film then cut with the Wall Lenk stencil cutter. More details on that can be found in my first AC post here.


For the front, I layered a medium weight organic cotton knit with a lightweight one. For the back I used a single layer of medium weight.

Fabric Paint:

I mixed two shades of Createx  fabric paint in 1:1 ratio. The shades I used were sand and opaque white.

Thread and needle:

 For the first time I tried the Wawak brand of button and craft thread. At $4.99 per spool of 500 yards, it was cheaper than the Coats and Clark. The former is labeled Tex 105 and the latter Tex 104 so the Wawak brand is even stronger and has more color choices. As for needle, I used John James Betweens size 9.

Beads and Sequins: 

I used a variety of seed beads, bugle beads and flat sequins in colors I thought were complementary to the fabrics. Some were purchased at Etsy and some from


1) Stencil the fabric.

2. Backstitch the circles around the stenciled edges.

3. Embellish

Beads, reverse applique.

Appliques, decorative stitches.

And here are photos of the finished garment.