Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mini-Wardrobe Contest Day 8

After signing up for this contest four days ago, I excitedly shopped for fabrics from my own stash. One thing I was already sure of was I was going to finally sew a jacket out of the beautiful boucle fabric I purchased two years ago from Elliot Bermann Textiles. The thumbnail below does not do it justice. It is a combination of black, ivory, coral and red.

J. Crew Tweed Fabric

The color hues in the fabric are one of my favorites and just perfect for fall. That made it easy for me to decide on the other complementary fabrics to use. 

So with these fabrics in mind, I pulled out some patterns. 

Vogue 7975 and 8804 are patterns that mimic the classic Chanel boucle jacket. 

Some possible patterns for the other fabrics.

My initial plan for the mini-wardrobe was:
Tweed jacket

After spending the last two days sewing muslins, I had to change my game plan.

The jacket is still a go but I decided to use Vogue 7975 as base pattern and Vogue 8804 for instructions. The latter, although chock-full of great couture tips, just wouldn't work for my body type. I might have to scrap the pants as I have never sewn one and the muslin I created looked terrible on me. I am not sure if I have time to find the perfect fitting pattern. I still need a bottom so I might have to go with a skirt. As for the dress, I am inclined to scrap that too and make a cardigan instead. This is a work in progress so we'll see what happens! I just hope I finish all four garments in time. 

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