Monday, December 22, 2014

It's a Wrap!

The contest is over. I still cannot believe I became a finalist! Although I did not win, the whole experience was so rewarding. I learned so much from the other participants and my sewing mojo totally came back.

I am sharing the feedback I received from the judging committee.

"What a whirlwind of a month-and-a-half it has been. The first Sewing Bee contest on PatternReview was an exciting time and also tiring for so many of you. 

Now that the contest is over, we the judges would like to share our thoughts with the finalists. Please know that we liked each and every entry in this contest and judging this contest was one of the hardest things we've ever done.

Your collection was very classy. The A-line skirt of the first round firmly set that tone. The lining drafting was admirable for that particular pattern. For round 2, no one would guess that dress came from men's shirts even though some of the original elements were retained. Your round 3 pictures showing the process were excellent; we felt like we were there with you, step by step. The belt brought that dress all together, with the solid in the front and print in the back. It was our favorite piece from your collection. The round 4 jeans looked - as much as we could see them - very nicely done. The biggest difficulties with these entries (particularly the last round, the pants) was seeing the details. Many of the critical photos were quite dark, and since photographs were all we have to go by, that put you at a significant disadvantage to the other finalists. We all admired the sophisticated nature of all the items. 

The Sewing Bee Judges"

To see the winner of the challenge and the rest of the entries for the final round, just visit this link to the Pattern Review website.

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