Tuesday, April 28, 2015

McCalls 7093

This year, I have been slowly revamping my wardrobe, replacing my RTWs with my own hand sewn items. I have been sewing a lot of knit tees but I also plan to add some woven tops and blouses. Unlike knit tops, I don't have any TNT patterns so for this project I decided to make a wearable muslin. I have some polyester challis purchased from Fabric.com last year.

Portland challis Dot White/Black & Black/White

McCalls 7093 is a pattern for pullover tops and tunics with hemline variations and optional design details like front side slits, pockets and fabric contrasts.

I combined different views opting to keep the front slit and omit the pockets.
The back hem is longer and offers complete coverage making the top perfect to go with leggings.
I love the design elements of this pattern. The cap sleeves, although really small, are perfectly shaped owing to the darts. This is also  a good opportunity to practice various seam finishes, including French seam for lightweight sheer fabrics. I plan to use some of my fabric scraps to make more versions of this pattern. I will probably shorten the front and back a bit, though.