Monday, January 4, 2016

Blush Beret

As mentioned in this post I had some leftover scraps from the wool coating fabric I used to sew Vogue 9157.

All that was left of my coating fabric.

I searched online for free hat sewing patterns and decided to go with the one posted by Martha Stewart on her website. It was perfect for the scraps I had since the pattern did not require a large piece of fabric. The beret was created by sewing six small triangular pieces together and finished with a 2-inch wide band.

The template provided for head measurements ranging from 22" to 24".
I measured my head circumference and it was 22-7/8". I decided to use size 24 on the template as my fabric was quite thick and I figured it was easier to make it smaller if it ended a little too big.

I decided to leave the seams unfinished since the fabric did not ravel at all. But I made sure to iron the seams open before attaching the band.

For the band, I used my serger to trim and finish.

View of the band seam.

I attempted to make a button using the button covering kit but the wool was just too thick so I settled for the same button I used for the coat.

I love how it fits! It's not so snug so it won't mess up my hair too much;)