Thursday, April 28, 2011

The One-Hour Top (Jali 2444)

After hours of toiling on the prom gown, I needed to work on something easier to give me time to recover and restore balance (sort of yin and yang). So I decided to finally bring my collection of knits out of storage and put them to good use.

For the past six months, I have been alternating two L.L. Bean activewear tops for my three-day a week workout. Needless to say, they are now both worn out from frequent trips to the washing machine and dryer. Every time I see a pretty workout top from the store or online, I am tempted to buy it but I don’t because: 1) it probably won’t fit me (usually too long), 2) it is too flimsy and 3) I am not willing to shell out $35.00 or more on something I can easily whip out myself. In my search for moisture-wicking fabrics, I learned that duo-dry, dri-fit, dry-flex, and performance fabric all refer to the same thing.

   I was lucky enough to find some really pretty prints from on sale. I only needed half a yard for a top but the minimum purchase was one yard. I used Jalie pattern 2444 which is now out of print but still available online for download. This was a quick project. The only delay was figuring out the right size. I constructed two tops from some scratch knit fabrics using two different sizes and determined which one worked best for me. Once I decided on the right size, it was pretty much like assembly line sewing. One can easily finish this top in an hour without any interruptions. But alas, people in this household have to eat. So I have to cook!

I love this pattern as it allowed me to mix and match fabrics. I used twin needle stitching on the first one. On the last two I just topstitched with a single needle as I noticed that the fabric tended to bunch up in between the two lines of stitches.
Next time, I will try to extend the armhole and see if I can make a cap sleeve. As for now, I have one outfit for each workout day of the week.


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