Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pattern Review for V2929 (Bellville Sassoon Vogue Designer Original)

Description on pattern envelope: Bias dress is floor length, lined and has contrast panel, contrast knot, asymmetrical seams, side slit, train, zipper and foundation with boning.


Invisible Zipper
(Sewn along the curved seam.)

Attaching boning to foundation.
(Muslin shown here.)

Back of foundation

Fabrics recommended : crepe back satin, crepe, satin and crepe de Chine. Lining: charmeuse.

Crepe Back Satin in Atom Red
(I used the "wrong side" of the fabric for contrast and ribbon.)

Charmeuse in matching color used for lining.
(Lining was not straightforward either. A bit confusing to piece together.)

Level of difficulty: advanced.

Helpful tips:

  • Sew a muslin first to ensure right fit. The seams are curved and asymmetrical so it is really difficult to alter once sewn. It might help to choose fabric with stretch. I did not use satin stretch as the color my daughter wanted was not available.

  • Apply correct techniques for handling slippery delicate fabrics. I used satin pins where needed. I avoided chalk or pens to mark but only employed tailor’s tacks. I used Microtex sharp needle for my machine and a Bigfoot to ensure even feeding. I invested in a cheap invisible zipper foot to apply the zipper.

  • Since pattern is cut on bias, be careful not to let fabric drape out of shape when putting it aside. The only time I let it hang was before hemming.

  • Before applying the invisible zipper, I stabilized seam with organza tape.

  • Be sure to copy all markings down. I usually skip a lot of markings when I sew but with this gown, it is essential to put the pieces together.

  • Follow layouts carefully paying attention to the right and wrong side of fabric.

There are some mistakes in the pattern. The marking for clipping below zipper stop is off. Same with marking for the top of the side slit.  


  1. Grabe ka Vi, i can not imagine you sewing, much less a GOWN! kudos to you :) beautiful dress and beautiful daughter :)

  2. I purchased this pattern but now I am having a hard time putting it together. Please could you help. I am making this dress for my daughters matric dance. Its in 2 weeks time

  3. Sorry I haven't checked my own blog in a while. Got so busy with relatives visiting and son moving to college for the first time. I guess it's too late now. I hope you were able to figure the pattern out.

  4. This would have been much more helpful if you had said HOW the markings were off, and where. I am having a heck of a time with getting the lining together in my mock-up and I am thinking that a marking is off -- but I am not sure.

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    Sorry you are having trouble with the lining. This pattern is really confusing and frustrating. I can't tell you how I almost gave up. As was mentioned here, the mismarks I found were the clipping below zipper stop and the marking for the top of the side slit. I disregarded those marks and just did a trial and error during the mock-up. If you haven't done so, try browsing the website Pattern Review.com which offers more reviews. I found them helpful while sewing this pattern. Just type in the pattern number in the search button on that site (without the Vogue). You might have to log in to view the reviews but membership is free. Good luck!