Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Road to Prom

In less than a month, my daughter will be attending her senior prom. I am so excited to be part of her journey as she prepares for this special occasion. Unlike last year, I think we are doing better time-wise in terms of getting ready.

It all starts with the right pattern. I can still remember the frustration and anguish I experienced last year trying to decipher the Vogue Bellville Sassoon pattern (insert link) we chose for her prom gown. After browsing through several websites, she narrowed down her choices to four and two of them were from a pattern company I have never tried. Her no. 1 choise was  Marfy 2349 (insert link). After reading details and reviews on this company, I discouraged her for the following reasons:
 1. The pattern ships from Italy. Even though it can be purchased from the McCalls pattern website which is US based, it is still going to ship from Italy and that means longer waiting time.
 2. The smallest size available is 42 which translates closely to a size 10 in the local patterns. That means trying to size down the pattern to fit my daughter.
 3. Apparently, Marfy patterns have no instructions at all. With a deadline to beat, this is no time to experiment!

I'm glad she listened. I stumbled upon a nice older Vogue pattern on e-bay and she fell in love with it.
So now I'm waiting for it to arrive.
Vogue 7901 picture.

Meanwhile I have ordered fabric swatches in the two colors she prefers (blue and purple).

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