Friday, March 17, 2017

Butterick 5891

I've had this pattern in my stash for quite a while and have forgotten about it. In fact, I totally forgot I had it that I ended up buying another one during a recent Butterick pattern sale! I normally shy away from Tilton designs because I wasn't sure I could successfully wear their designs but I thought I'd give this one a try. 

I thought this top is so unique because of all the asymmetry going on. The right and left side are totally different.

The front and back bodice are cut off center. 

The collar is unique because it consists of two layers. 

Because of the asymmetrical design, the pattern pieces had to be cut on a single layer. 

I used a wonderful double gauze Japanese fabric by Nani Iro. The design lent itself well to the pattern as it did not necessitate matching. The fabric was also very soft which I liked for the pattern so the top wouldn't end up too voluminous looking. 

For the construction, I sewed all of the seams using my regular sewing machine but finished the edges with a serger. 

I finished both top and bottom edges of the collar but for the bottom edge, I turned it to the right side before attaching to the bodice so the fold would not show since the collar was not faced.

Then I used the coverstitch to sew it to add a decorative stitch on the outside.

There were some pattern instruction errors and omissions which I mentioned in my review here. In spite of those, I still love this pattern!


  1. Your top is classy, pretty, artful and looks great on you. Well done!