Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jalie 3248 Drop Pocket Cardigan

I have had this pattern in my stash for a while now but just got around to sewing it in time for the Sudoku Wardrobe contest I am participating in. This is what I love about Jalie. There is no guessing game as far as sizing is concerned. Once I was able to determine the Jalie size that fit me, I was able to rely on that size for all other Jalie styles. So even though I have never sewn this particular style, I forged ahead without making a muslin.

This is my first version. I used a border print rayon jersey purchased from Emma One Sock. The spots you see make up the border of that fabric. 

I love how the drapey fabric works so well with the pocket feature.

My second version was made of a thicker sweater knit. I shortened the bodice and sleeves. 
I'm not very enamored with this version because the thicker fabric did not drape as well. It looked more like the classic cardigan that one usually pairs with a shell in twin sets.

My final version which was my entry to the Sudoku Wardrobe contest was made of linen knit. 
It was my first time with this fabric and now I understand why it is sought after. It has 15% widthwise stretch and none lengthwise. It drapes well and because it is a bit sheer, it is perfect for this pattern which calls for a double front layer. I also sewed it at the original length because I thought the longer style looked better. 
This pattern was a bit of a fabric hog because of the way the pocket construction was designed. So I had to find a way to make the pieces fit because I did not have enough of the linen knit. 

Hence I cut the back pieces as two instead of along the fold. 

See how nicely the pockets drape? 

Here's a close-up of the back neckline which was nicely finished with a strip of binding. I used the coverstitch to sew the binding in place.

This neckline from the sweater knit is finished with the looper thread of the coverstitch showing on the right side for an added decorative touch. 

Here are the three versions side by side. 

And below are three ways I've styled the linen knit version. 

A detailed review of this pattern can be found here.

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