Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Simplicity 1366 in a Nani Iro fabric

Admittedly, I am a fabricholic. I like pretty fabrics and more often than not, I succumb to impulsive buying. But I do not always fall madly in love with the fabrics that I buy. Only a few have evoked such reaction from me and one of them is this silky feeling lightweight linen from Naomi Ito--the Nano Iro "Chant et Poesie."

This fabric carries my favorite colors (browns, warm pinks), includes scribbling (which I am crazy about) and has selvages pretty enough to be included in the garment's fashion side. 

Apparently there is a poem hidden in the textile that says "The heart is a garden where beauty is born."

To highlight the fabric, I chose a very simple pattern. 

View D is a simple top with no darts or lines in front or back. It has a nice wide bateau-like neckline and elbow length sleeves. 

The pattern pieces for front and back are supposed to be cut on the fold.
For the front, I duplicated the bodice pattern to create the whole piece and be able to move it around the fabric and choose where I want parts of the print to be placed. 

For the back, I added 5/8" seam allowance and decided to cut two pieces, hence creating a center back seam. This allowed me to save on fabric and utilize the selvages and show them off at the center back. 

Since construction was very simple, I took my time planning tiny details that I will only be able to see in the end! Here I'm matching serger thread colors to the fabric.

I thought the serged edges turned out pretty!

For topstitching around the neckline, I chose to match the mauve pink hues from the fabric. 

I used the triple stitch for topstitching. 

Here you can still see the basting stitches under the triple stitches. 

This is the center back. The blue print is actually part of the fabric's selvage. 

One sleeve. 

Another sleeve. 

I like that no two sides of the top (front or back, left or right) are alike in terms of fabric print!

And now for some modeling shots!

For more details about the pattern, check out my review at PatternReview.com. 

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  1. Positively stunning. This is so well thought out. I love how you put such effort into planning out how you would use this beautiful fabric. It is all so flattering on you and perfect with the peach pants. Fabulous! Where do you get such gorgeous fabrics?

    1. Thanks so much Bunny! This one I bought from Miss Matatabi (she also has an Etsy store by that name). I find the Nani Iro fabrics she sells are better priced. And then I always check out Emma One Sock and Marcy Tilton. But then I recently discovered Blackbird Fabrics (Canada based) which carries a lot of really nice fabrics include deadstock ones!

  2. I love this match-up between your fabric and the pattern. Ever since I found my first Nani Iro fabric in a small, independent sewing store in quilt-centered
    Las Vegas I have loved the fabrics and have many. I also have the same pattern. I never thought of using for those patterns but I think that it will be useful for some of them. Thanks for inspiring me with your work. Great job!

  3. Your work is inspiring. I am a big fan of the Nani Iro fabrics and have collected some of them since 2015. I also have the same pattern and I think that I might use the pattern for some of my fabrics since it worked so well for you. You did so well with your match-up. I enjoy your work on "Pattern Reviews".

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Kathy! I'm so glad to have inspired. Nani Iro fabrics are such works of art that I have come to love and try to collect!