Thursday, July 2, 2020

Mad for Madder: Another Alabama Chanin Top

I don't know what it is about Alabama Chanin garments but once I complete one, I feel the need to start another. There is something so oddly satisfying about the creative process involved in completing a project like this, never mind the many steps of preparation and the countless hours of sewing called for. 

As with the previous tops I have made, I used the Alabama Chanin t-shirt pattern included in the book "Alabama Chanin Studio Sewing + Design." I used the round neckline and cap sleeves. 

I have always used the reverse applique method but this time I tried the negative reverse applique method for the first time. 

The top layer is stenciled with the chosen design. 
I used "New Leaves" stencil and airbrushed with "Sand" Createx Fabric Paint. 

Here you can see the bottom layer underneath the stenciled fabric. 

*A note about the bottom fabric. I was inspired by an AC top I saw in Pinterest and I wanted to recreate it. However I didn't have the exact same cotton jersey so I had to dye mine. 

I used the natural plant Madder Root to dye my white cotton jersey. 

Back to the negative reverse method: I sewed the two layers together by using backstitches 1/8" inside the appliqué shapes. 

Here you see the stitches in progress. 

A view of the wrong side of the underlying fabric. 

A view of the two layers. 

The front of the top completed as far as appliqué stitching is concerned. 

Now it's time to cut off the top layer 1/8" outside the edges of the appliqué shapes. 

Partially trimmed. 

The front of the top completed!

I only embellished part of the back.

I also embellished the sleeves. 

I used feather stitches on the neckline binding and sleeves. 

And now for some more eye candy!

What the inside looks like!

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    1. Thanks so much Fran! And I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Lovely! Lots of effort and it shows. These colors are really pretty on you.

    1. Thanks so much Bunny! It was such a fun project.

  3. Your top is so pretty! Your careful workmanship makes it a treasure.