Thursday, July 11, 2013

Very Easy Vogue Dress (V8915)

This easy pattern from Vogue provides instructions for a pullover top or dress with self belt and pants with elasticized waist. I made a dress using a floral linen fabric. 

Although the pattern was super easy, I was not ecstatic with the final product. I blame it on my fabric choice.  I wanted to use up what was left over from this fabric after finishing the crescent skirt.
Even though the information on the back of the envelope included linen as one of the options to use, I feel that this style of dress is better made with a softer fabric. The shoulders and neckline should drape better. 

Lengthen/shorten lines were provided but I did not have to adjust anything as far as length was concerned. I did however raise the armholes to avoid a "peekaboo."

This dress is definitely shapeless without the belt. 

Oh well. The dress is still wearable. 

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