Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vogue 9187

This past few weeks, I have been busy sewing outfits for spring and summer. Whereas before, I was content to stick with knit tops, this time I have ventured into more feminine blouses. I don't have a big stash of blouse patterns so I had to "audition" some new ones. Luckily one of them is going into my TNT (Tried and Tested) bin because I was so happy with the results.

Vogue 9187 is a multi-sized pattern for a close-fitting top with two neckline variations (scoop neck or jewel), princess seams in front and back, and back zipper closure. 

I used size 6 based on the bust measurement but graded to a 10 at the hips. I also made a slight swayback adjustment by pinching a few inches at the back princess seams. No adjustment in the bodice length was necessary as the bodice was already short. 

This is my first attempt, my so-called wearable muslin, using a 100% cotton print. 

Notice how short it is? Long-waisted gals might need to add some to the bodice length but for petite gals like me who always have to adjust the bodice, this is just the perfect length!

The back neckline is a bit deep but surprisingly, there was no issue with gaping. 
This is my final version. I was happy with the muslin fitting so I was not scared to cut into my gorgeous cotton/poly/spandex brocade from Emma One Sock. The fabric had a 15% stretch widthwise which made the top very comfortable. 

I finished the seams by serging. Careful clipping along the curves ensured the princess seams curved nicely. What I like about this pattern is the facings. They are cut wide so they are automatically sewn down along the armhole edge. Unlike other patterns I have tried before, the front and back neck facings stayed put. 
The bottom hem has self-facing ensuring nicely finished front slits.

Here is the inside view of the back zipper. Even though it's a non-separating zipper, I had no trouble putting the top on over my head. 

And here are more pictures of the finished top. I will definitely be sewing more of this top.


  1. Lovely blouse! Gorgeous floral print fabric. Your wearable muslin looks good also. I recently purchased this pattern and want to find a suitable floral print.

    1. Thanks Linda! Good luck with your search for the perfect floral print!

    2. Looks great! Sometimes the tried and true are the way to go, and hey, you only wear one at a time so who knows? I'm going to check it out!

    3. Thanks! I totally agree!

  2. I think it's a beautiful choice, & very flattering! I have the pattern and decided to try a nice linen I have. I have either a linen in taupe or a linen blend (choice of several colors) & I'm even more excited about this pattern/look after reading your blog. Happy sewing! JM

    1. Thanks JM! I think linen or linen blend is an excellent choice for this pattern.