Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Vogue 1571--Anne Klein Jacket in Yellow Boiled Wool

I was so happy with my most recent sewing experience with boiled wool that I decided to make another one, this time using a designer pattern from Vogue.

This pattern by Anne Klein was part of the Vogue Winter/Holiday release 2017.  The description on the pattern envelope and website doesn't say much about the jacket except that it is very loose-fitting with back yoke extending into sleeves. It would be useful to know that this jacket:

*has no collar, no closure, no lining
*has a pair of inseam pockets 
*has bracelet length sleeves
*has gusseted sides

I posted a complete review of the pattern at the Pattern Review website so what I am posting here are more close up pictures of the finished jacket and its innards. 

I used the same fabric from last project but this time in a different color called honey yellow.

For the Hong Kong finished seams, I made my own bias binding from a lightweight woven cotton. 

To make it easier to sew the binding in the ditch I used the blind hem presser foot.

For a great tutorial on Hong Kong finished seams including how to make your own continuous bias binding, check out this Itch to Stitch tutorial. 

 Front sleeves are set a few inches below the shoulders.

No real back armhole seam.

Gusset that is an extended piece from the sleeve connects the front and back pieces.

That center back seam and yoke are actually extensions from the sleeves proper. 

Side view showing how the sleeves form the back yoke and side gusset. 

 View of the inside showing the Hong Kong finished seams.

 I love how the insides look smooth and clean even without lining. 

As mentioned in my review, there were a few things about the instructions that bothered me. However, I still love this pattern because of the clever design lines and can't wait to tackle it again. This jacket in boiled wool from Mood Fabrics is perfect for the warmer winter days when it is not  subfreezing! Because it is loose-fitting, it is also great for layering over a thick sweater. 


  1. Your jacket is gorgeous! I so addmired your sewing skills and the detail workmanship you give to each of your garments. I love the bias tape you made from the polka dot fabric.

  2. I loved boiled wool. This is so pretty and looks extremely cozy.

    1. Thanks so much! I just discovered boiled wool and now I’m addicted to it!

  3. It is beautiful--inside and out! Great job as always!

    1. Thank you! I always appreciate your wonderful comments!

  4. This looks great! I love your polka dot binding- it must make you smile to know that it is inside. I too just made my first item with boiled wool and loved it- such a fantastic texture and warmth!

    1. Thank you Ann! I just checked your blog. May I
      just say “WOW!” Your coat is stunning and the color is dreamy!