Friday, November 16, 2018

Revisiting Vogue 8793

Two years ago, I sewed Vogue 8793 and posted about it here. Although I was smitten with the collar.  I wasn't too happy with the resulting fit. I guess I could have tweaked it then but I wasn't too enthusiastic at the thought of unpicking some seams. I still wore the top even though the loose armhole and wide shoulders bothered me a bit. Last week I unpacked my fall/winter clothes and found that top and I decided to do something about it. I pinned around the armholes, shoulders, side seams and transferred the adjustments to my pattern and sewed a new version which is shown below.

I used a lightweight rayon jersey in mauve and mixed it with a gorgeous printed mesh knit. 

I didn't have a lot of the mesh print in my stash, just enough to use for one of the collars, the cuffs and the front. 

The pattern didn't really call for a double layer front but my main fabric was really thin and lightweight and I wanted to use my mesh print for something. 

As shown in the picture above, the mesh print didn't go all the way to the front side seams. 

To attach the mesh print to the front piece, I handbasted it before sewing with small zigzag stitches. 

For the collar piece, I ironed a tricot interfacing as the fabric was really flimsy. The tricot interfacing had the same amount of stretch as the fabric so it added a little bit of body without altering the stretch. 

Here is a closer view of the double collars. I wanted to add zipper accents but didn't have the right zipper in my stash. Anyway, I guess it was for the best as the zipper would have weighed the lightweight collars down. 

I really love how the fit turned out. I removed 5/8" from the shoulder width, adjusted the side seams near the armholes to remove too much ease and adjusted the sleeves accordingly. I also added 1" to the sleeve side seams from the elbow to the hem as I felt the sleeves too snug when I first made this pattern. 

The sleeves are still close fitting which is good as it would be easier to layer a sweater over the top. 

My complete pattern review can be viewed here



  1. Very pretty. I always enjoy your sewing projects and your reviews -- your information is thorough.

  2. I always love reading about your projects. Such interesting ideas and combinations! Love this top!

    1. Thanks Diane! That means a lot coming from you. I have always admired the clothes you’ve shown on Instagram!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love it and you certainly pulled off a great save.

  4. I always lust after mesh knits but struggle to think of what to make from them. An overlay is the perfect solution and yours looks fabulous.